Programme ISF 2021

Live screening selection – we congratulate our winners! See the best films and movies 2021

Narrative short award winners are

Gold: Angel falls by Tom Lincoln
Silver: The Gutter by Tim Lee
Bronze: Two to 1 by Samson Schneidermann

Music video award winners are

Gold: Hero by Richard Oliver
Silver: Modern day cathedral by Philos Maurice Klein
Bronze: Jordan Hart – Freedom by Michael Joseph McDonald and Joe Bluhm

Horror short award winners are

Gold: The taxi man by Jilon Vanover
Silver: Things we dig by Pia Thrasher
Bronze: Lips & tips by Christian Koch

Documentation award winners are

Gold: Inside Charité by Carl Gierstorfer
Silver: Leatherpants Moped Trip – From the Alps to Las Vegas by Julian and Thomas Wittmann Bronze: Route 4 by Martina Chamrad

Web series award winners are

Gold: The man for your sins – Under pressure by Joachim Jung
Silver: Erzähl doch mal, Leopold! by Thorsten Hamer and Cosma Dujat
Bronze: Plan ahead by Maurice Tacke

Micro short award winners are

Gold: Scavenger by Jeffrey Morreale
Silver: Nothing by Leander Z
Bronze: Dennis – Corona ghost story by Simon Meyer and Salli Martin

Animation award winners are

Gold: Insomnia by Haerim Yang
Silver: LoveBirds Inc. by Isabelle Kramer and Anke Burkhardt
Bronze: Marsh and the Moshki-Mallow by Seaton Kay-Smith

Full length narrative film award winners are

Gold: Pretty boy by Marcel Walz
Silver: A Savannah haunting by William Mark McCullough
Bronze: Zu den Sternen by Nicolai Tegeler

Midlength narrative film award winners are

Gold: Henri by Julian Jakobsmeyer
Silver: A last hurrah by Luise Brinkmann
Bronze: Heinz 1945 by Martin Beek and Karel Hamm

Sci-Fi and Mystery shorts award winners are:

Gold: Imago diabolus by Abraham Mike Yousaf Silver: Moon drops by Yoram Ever-Hadani Bronze: Here cut salon by Kenneth Ma

Sports & adventure award winners are

Gold: Going deeper

Silver: Bike2Boat

Bronze: Rios

Only screening selection


Mona by Noa Siebler
Transit line by Juliane Ebner
Killing time by P. Patrick Hogan
After the rain by Beston Zîrian
Angst by Béla Baptiste
Remember my name by Sonny Vrebac

Shots in the dark by Andrew Ishak Memories of my grandfather by Matias Luge Ikarus by Shaun Escayg
$700+ by Tom Aspy
Her stories by Abd Al-Kader Habak
Se so neon by Junseok Eom
Gorchlach by Fabio Cento
Yellow by Adrian Baluta
KLOD by Giuseppe Marco Albano Resistance by Maxime Chefdeville

All other selected films

Alaska long hunters by Mark Rose
The cost of denial by Huw Christi
Broken by Haleh Saberi
Passing by by Pheline Hanke, Duc Quang Le, Lisa Jane Albrecht and Johanna The beast inside my head by Florence Hwang

Currents of light by Bernhard Kasper
Captivated – The Allure of Carnivorous Plants by Jonathan S. Kui „Four motherless children“ by Ralph Isenberg
The ascent of the robots by Leon Riener
How do you become a politician by Maximilian Auer
Hockey 24 by yle Scotland and Jason Sweeney
A time I’ve been through by Silviu Radu
Perfect song by Andreas Kranzler
Noir brothers by Daniele Gangemi
Piker-Oog by Gabriel Wunderlich
A boy’s journey by Deveraux Gallagher
BECCA by Serdal Sali
Feed the hen by Viktoriia Zholkevska
What do you think? by Fabrizio Fazio
Radio taxi 1991 by Steffen Holzkamp
Before I die by Nakul Dev
My grandfather Horthy Miklos by Sipos Jozsef
Pinnacle by Vikram Jeet Singh Parmar
The apple of my eyes by François Szabowski
One day with doctor Sergio by Roxanne Phoenix
Love blood pain by Magnum Borini
Seven thousand souls by Sanjin Miric
Door to door by Tom von Dohlen
Havasu by Jamon Holmes
The trouble with angels by Jan Werner
Forget me not by Alexander Krahl
The sleepless by Kami Sadraei
Brides of Jesus by Joe Bartone and Jose Zambrano Cassella Viscri by Ruxandra Pilsiu
La amable euforia de la danza by Miguel Castanet
In China by Les Owen
I want to play by Julian Lippke
Built islands by Arturo Dueñas Herrero
It stays with you by Cahal McLaughlin, Siobhán Wills
Right now I want to scream by Cahal McLaughlin, Siobhán Wills Loyal copy by Alexandra Pater
The coroner by Fabio Soares and Mike Zonnenberg
Eternal by Nicolai Sagasser