Das Freisinger Filmfestival findet aufgrund von Corona dieses Jahr online statt. Ab Samstag, 07. November, 18:00 bis 15. November können unter nahezu einhundert Filme von kurz bis lang aus allen möglichen Genres bequem von zuhause aus angesehen werden.

The this years festival takes place online at Vimeo. See shorts/films/documentaries/music videos and a lot more from independent filmmakers from all over the world. We have tons of hours waiting to be seen!
(Each category has it’s different fees for access, depending on the numbers of films.)

Check the Facebook Eventpage for all news and updates

Programme ISF 2020 Winteredition online


  1. Just be 
  2. The thrive
  3. Weightlifter 

Narrative short:

  1. Osuba
  2. Choker
  3. Dust in the wind


  1. Elektromonteur
  2. Gashem
  3. I don’t want to stay


  1. The Barber
  2. Miniatures
  3. Fear of the woods


  1. I am a creative soul
  2. Frank and free
  3. Bassil’ora


  1. For peanuts
  2. Throwback 89
  3. Bitches that bake


  1. Second half
  2. Breakfast
  3. Do you wanto to go out


  1. Devision series
  2. Criss cross
  3. Tobi and the turbobus


  1. Sawah
  2. Between pain and amen
  3. Faustdick